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You want your music to be spread around the world, not only via streaming platforms but also on news pages and in print media? Maybe even played on independent radio stations? This is the point where we can help!

We are two freelancers sharing a workspace in order to do music promotion on a young and professional level. No office to rent, no physical copies to be sent out - all fully digital and remote and thus as direct, as purposeful and also as sustainable as possible.

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Hello, this is Josefine. I have been freelancing in the creative and artistic field my entire life and therefore gained a lot of experience in the digital and remote work culture. Being in the business as PR consultant, booking agent, music journalist and mainly as a musician in an extreme subgenre myself, I am ready to accompany you on your PR campaign in print and online media.


Genres: Core and especially its extreme subgenres, Punk, electronic genres,
Gothic/Wave, queer music, interdisciplinary art, Indie


Hi, Oliver here. I have known the hard & heavy music biz with all its facets from a wide variety of perspectives for over 30 years.
As a drummer and lyricist in two bands, I can understand all the needs and concerns of bands. Release promotion is just as much a part of my day to day business as concert booking and promotion. Through my work in the editorial department of radio and online magazines, I am also familiar with the side of the media representatives. In addition, I am a trained sound engineer and have been able to enjoy international touring as a drumtec for many years. From my point of view, the best conditions for truly representing the underground spirit!


Genres: Hardrock, all varieties of Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Rock


What We Offer

We are pleased to support you with all aspects when it comes to professional

● Newsletter distribution (GSA region only and/or European wide)

● Single or EP (up to 3 tracks) promotion (GSA region only and/or European wide) or

● Album or EP (4 tracks and more) promotion (GSA region only and/or European wide)

among our broad platform of print and online media partners.

Apart from our core business we also offer

● Artist interview features on all our social media platforms,

● Playlist-Pitching and

● If necessary, a helping hand when it comes to release planning, proofreading tasks or general business affairs

Don't find yourself in the services we offer or do you have any special requirements? No problem, just talk to us!

Together we will find a way to implement your tailormade promotion campaign.


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